The Handmaiden (2016)

My second experience with Park, following Thirst 박쥐 (2009), in which I viewed only a week ago. This had been on my list of films for 2016. I see now that I had been missing out. An incredibly beautiful, although sometimes uncomfortable, period piece (Japan occupied Korea) that dives deep into greed, lust, betrayal, isolation, love, and companionship. I highly recommend anything that gets posted on my blog, but before watching, know that it is a strong R. Wikipedia lists it as an "erotic psychological thriller", and I would say that's pretty accurate.

The Eleventh

It's been a bit dry lately in Vancouver. I was so excited this evening that it had started to rain again that I got my camera out and took enough long exposure shots to make a nice little GIF. 


Milano Conca d'oro Espresso

Latest coffee purchase, from a house a few blocks away from Image Engine: Milano Coffee Roasters.

Cocoa | Vanilla | Pecan
(Conca d’oro) Meaning ‘Valley of Gold’, this blend is a fusion of Italian-Westcoast. Tons of proteins, fats and sugars detected in the mouth.

Celebration of Light

There were three nights of fireworks in Vancouver this Summer during the Celebration of Light, formerly known as the Symphony of Fire. This year's competitors: South Africa, Sweden, and South Korea. This year's winner: South Korea!

Kitsilano Sunset

Hong Kong

In late May I traveled to Hong Kong to meet a friend. I was inspired to go by someone dear to me, and I decided to capture it on camera. I loved this city and the surrounding areas. The video was edited in one sitting the night proceeding my arrival back into the United States. The music used was what I was listening to while on the trip.