Clint is an artist and technical with demonstrable experience delivering photorealistic and stylized assets, characters, and environments for feature films and animation. He is also an avid art producer and designer - acutely skilled in photography, videography, oils, titles, and color.










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The first eighteen years of my life were spent in Southeast Kansas in a rural town called Oswego. Being an active scout for over a decade, it was there in the great plains that I gathered my love, respect, and appreciation for the outdoors. I would spend the seasons photographing birds of prey, hiking with my dog throughout the woods and fields, fishing, and camping with my friends and fellow scouts. Nature wasn’t my only interest though. Film, anime, and video games also played a huge role in my development. Jurassic Park and The Matrix showed me that through film, anything was possible. Dragon Ball Z and Zelda: Ocarina of Time introduced me to the unique style of another culture while simultaneously teaching me the importance of friendship. Given the affinity I hold for the planet, combined with my love for storytelling, I think it was only natural that I would find a career in computer graphics for film. I draw. I paint. I photograph. I push pixels. Dedicating myself to recreating the beauty the physical world in service of a story is something to be truly grateful for. Since beginning my career, I have worked at Method, The Mill, Pixar, and am currently at Image Engine busy working primarily on Game of Thrones.