Clint is a Technical Director experienced in delivering both photorealistic and stylized CG props, characters, and environments for feature films, animation, television, and short form media. In his free time he is an avid camera user, traditional artist, cinephile, and coffee drinker.




I’m Clint. I grew up in a rural town in Kansas called Oswego. Being a Scout for over a decade, I would spend the seasons hiking with my dog and my friends through the woods and fields surrounding my house, fishing, and camping. Film, anime, music, art, and video games also played a huge role in my development. Starting at an early age, I would draw my favorite characters, played various musical instruments, and started experimenting with cameras. Over the years, those hobbies turned into refined studies in oil painting, editing, color grading, art direction, cinematography, and eventually visual effects. Given the affinity I hold for all of these mediums, it was natural for me to focus on the multi-disciplinary look development of CG imagery for film, television, and animation, where I feel I can most utilize my combined skillsets.

Favorite game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Film: Princess Mononoke. Music: The Eddie Higgins Trio